Ground floor:

посмотреть панораму первого этажа
The first floor of our restaurant is a light veranda that is enclosed with glass panels on three sides. It is filled with subdued light and provides delicious coolness in hot days. The bar is also located here as well as the place where sushi sensei is turning rice, nori, and a number of other ingredients into mouth-watering sushi right in front of your eyes!

First floor:

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On the second floor there are soft sofas, a TV, and a light and cosy playroom for our small visitors. In here you can find everything you need for relaxing with your family or a group of your friends. One of the windows in the playroom looks right into the dining area, which means that you won’t even have to stand up from your seat to make sure that your kid is OK!

Second floor:

посмотреть панораму третьего этажа
The area on the third floor is filled with subdued light, and the floors are covered with soft carpets. There are comfortable sofas, low coffee tables, and everything else you need for enjoyable and laid-back pastime. The powerful and quiet air-conditioning system and our hookah (water pipe) master do not let the unpleasant mixture of smells emerge. 12 types of tobacco and a large range of drinks provide almost limitless opportunities for aromatic experiences!


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